Saturday, December 6, 2008

Restaurant Review: Lucier

Being born and raised in Portland I have seen a lot of changes to this great city.   I have noticed two growth spurts on the west side of Portland: the Northwest Industrial/Pearl and now Southwest Waterfront.  I was taken back when I stepped into the door of the Restaurant, Lucier located on the South Waterfront.  It was during Portland Fashion Week that Sameunderneath hosted their afterparty.  This glitzy spot (Portland's most expensive restaurant) with Sinatra booming through the bar felt like 1980s Vegas, with fun-house mirror columns, display case after display case of gaudy blown glass. (We ain't at the Bellagio but they would like to think that we were).  Point being is Lucier neither improves on Portland nor feels of Portland.  I doesn't even seem for Portland. In Dec. 5th's issue of the A&E in The Oregonian, writer, Karen Brooks says this about Lucier, "the concept is about as viable as the auto industry: a money guzzler, out of touch and running on empty ideas". She also compared it to that of a "spec house on the Street of Dreams, with all the upgrades but no one to answer the door.

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Mos Jeph said...

I had my birthday dinner there w/ 8 friends, and it was a great time, but for a place like that its hardly worth going back on a regular basis, if they even stay open long enough to.