Tuesday, April 28, 2009

L.A. Reid on Charlie Rose

Antonio "L.A." Reid is a three-time Grammy Award-winning American record executive, songwriter, and record producer. Now appointed Chairman of The Island Def Jam Music Group and is also currently Chairman/CEO of Hitco Music Publishing.

VAEL Apres Boot

A look into a marquee style from the 2009 fall collection from Vael can be seen here with their interpretation of the traditional mountaineer boot. The Apres Boot features a high-cut leather upper with a contrast light-colored sole. Available in two different colors with an EVA sole, an update to the traditional outsole styles from established brands.

Nike Cortez Flymotion White/Black

A nice and clean new colorway of the Nike Cortez Flymotion has been released. Coming with an all white upper and black accents, this new lightweight version of the classic Cortez is perfect for the summer.

Adidas Tournament Edition Blazer

From the Adidas Tournament Edition Collection comes this classic tennis inspired blazer. The blazer comes in navy blue with gold accents and original crest on the chest, along with the three stripes on the sleeve. The blazer perfectly communicates the tennis culture and reminds of grand tournaments such as Wimbledon. Wish it were two button though...

C.P. Company 1000m Goggle Jacket

20th anniversary edition of the C.P. Company 1000m Goggle Jacket, which was designed this year by Aitor Throup. Today we can bring you a nice vide interview with the designer, as well as videos showcasing the 20th anniversary exhibition that recently took placein Milan. Via Beinghunted.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Forecast" Portland Mercury's 5th annual fashion show

The Portland Armory hosted Portland Mercury's 2009 Fashion Show, "Forecast" featuring many local designers:
Adam Arnold, Holly Stalder, Kate Towers, John Blasioli, Emily Ryan, Liza Rietz, Elizabeth Dye, Emily Katz, Moth Love, Anna Korte, Emily Baker Jewelry, and many more.

Wearing a blazer jacket designed and sewed by Tim Gahr. One of a kind.

I got her to do some modeling before the show. She is wearing:
Nanette Lepore denim skirt
BCBG tafetta dress (yes, it's a dress but it's covered by the skirt)
Dries Van Noten heels

Friday, April 24, 2009

Marvel Comics Iron Man Edition by TK

Project between Marvel Comics and SILLY THING founder TK.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Digital Painting Video of Princess Mononoke

Bobby Chiu talks about your art and finical security for today's artist

Via: Imaginism Studios Blog

Bob Marley

During the course of a white person’s education they will go through many phases including but not limited to: “awkward,” “classic rock,” and “being really into a foreign country.” Of these phases, there is only one that all white people are required to go through before they can obtain their bachelor’s degree. It is known as “Bob Marley.”

Depending on the coolness of the white person, they can experience this stage anywhere between the sixth grade and their last year of college. Regardless of when they went through this phase, every white person can tell you about the time when they had Legend on repeat. If you wish to test this theory, go to any floor in a College Dorm and there is a 100% chance you will find at least one Bob Marley poster.

It is also worth noting that white people tend get into smoking marijuana during this phase. This is why all white people view the combination of the two as one of the most pleasurable experiences on earth. But when white people really want to take it to the next level they will combine Bob Marley, Marijuana, a long weekend and some sort of notable outdoor location (beach, cottage, or patio). There are few activities on earth that are more appealing to white people.

The only acceptable reasons for declining participation are a prior engagement at a music festival or a commitment to go camping.

It’s also worth noting that when talking to white people about Bob Marley there is no need to use his surname. This is because all white people refer to him simply as “Bob.”

Since so many people are into Bob Marley, it is only natural for advanced white people to profess to only marginally liking Bob Marley (note: it is impossible for a white person to outright dislike him). Instead, these white people will claim to preferring more obscure artists like Burning Spear or Peter Tosh.

But be warned that a white person saying they like “reggae” what they really mean is “reggae from 1965-1983.”

Under no circumstances should you ever bring a white person to a dancehall reggae concert, it will frighten them.

Note: if you are talking to a white person who is really into Bob Marley, has dreadlocks, and professes to be a Rastafarian, you should end the conversation immediately. These people are of no value unless you need directions to a WTO protest or have questions about how bad a human can smell.

Via: Stuff White People Like

Nike Presents Onwards - Directed by James Jarvis and Richard Kenworthy

Onwards from akqa on Vimeo.

The film was inspired by certain personal experiences in running – a favourite run over Blanchland moor in Northumberland, being attacked by a crow in Singapore – and also by the transcendent, almost psychedelic experience of the simple act of running.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Massive 4

Massive 4 - Part Two from Sebastian Jaramillo on Vimeo.

Car sketch

This would be my process for a sketch that would move on to the next step into Photoshop or Illustrator. You can see that I basically have three of the same car sketch but in different variations. 1. On top is a simple line sketch. 2. Overlayed with tracing paper and sketched out but now with color blocking using blue chalk. 3. Is a version using Prisma Color markers. It is kinda of a process and I haven't even started on the computer rendering.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Earth Day 2009

New tech

Charting the future of cell phone technology, Kyocera recently unveiled a kinetic energy-powered phone that is capable of folding up like a wallet. Designed by industrial designer Susan McKinney, the EOS phone consists of a soft, semi-rigid polymer skin surrounding a flexible low-energy OLED display. Shape memory allows the phone’s keys to pop up when in use and blend in with the surface during downtime.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Stones Throw DJ Tour USA & Canada

Fresh off a tour of Europe, PB Wolf, Dam-Funk, Mayer Hawthorne & James Pants are now touring the states & Canada. This is not strictly a "DJ Tour" - James Pants is performing with his band Royal Zodiac, and Mayer Hawthorne will be performing a few songs as well.

4/21: Los Angeles @ Echoplex (Dam-Funk, Mayer Hawthorne, James Pants)
4/22: San Francisco @ Great American Music Hall
4/23: Portland @ Holocene
4/24: Seattle @ Chop Suey
4/28: Minneapolis @ Varsity Theater
4/29: Madison @ High Noon Saloon
4/30: Chicago @ The Abbey Pub
5/1: Toronto @ Revival Bar
5/2: Montreal @ Les Saints
5/3: Princeton NJ @ Terrace Club
5/4: Boston @ Paradise
5/5: Baltimore @ Sonar
5/6: Philly @ North Bowl
5/7: DC @ 930 Club
5/8: NYC @ Natural History Museum
5/9: NYC @ LPR

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Trippin' on the Mustard...

If you haven't yet seen the Zoom Force 1 DK-YS. They are pretty sick. I'm obviously thinking about snowbaording...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Inhale, Exhale

Last weekend Johnny Le Films started shooting the music video, "Keep Pushin" for Kero One. I play a small part in it thanks to Johnny and his directing. Look forward to seeing the video in late May. Asians represent the Bay...