Monday, November 3, 2008

Air in the Making

Although the official word from Nike is that the Air Yeezy's are just a sample made only in Mr. West's size 12, and are not due to release in the near future, 90% of the hype faithful out there waiting on the shoe could really care less and will continue to hold onto their hope of riding the fashion tsunami known as Kan' the Louis Vuitton Don until they can find their own niche, which isn't a shame or a sin, per se. So whether you're patiently holding on to your $200 (with the ridiculously high quality amount of full grain leather, patent leather, and suede used on the shoe, not to mention Mr. West trademark for high-end fashion, you'd be stupid not to expect at least Air Jordan dolllars), or just wondering what the hype is about, G-L-I has you covered on the latest developments of the Air Yeezy. Above are pictures of Nike Exec Mark Parker (the guy that introduced the Hyperdunks with Kobe at the Portland Nike press conference, check back a couple weeks ago) and Kanye on the plane brain storming with the blueprints.

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